Aluminium Sliding Wardrobe Door System

The A100 aluminium framed sliding door system

Our aluminium system is a superior high quality sliding door solution.
With 3 shapes of framework each in four colours, the A100 system is for customers who demand the very best quality of products for their home.
Our aluminium framing system can be combined with all of our glass and wood panel products to create some truly unique wardrobe designs.

The aluminium profiles are manufactured using hot extrusion process combined with either a chemical finishing process in the case of silver and gold, or a powder coating process in the care of black and white. Aluminium ingots are forced through a precision die to create the closed box section extrusion, which are then finished to one of our high quality and attractive colour options. To view our A100 series profile shapes and colour finishes - click here

A major benefit of the aluminium system are that due to the material used and the strength of a closed box section extrusion the aluminium frames are more rigid yet lighter than the more cost effective steel profile system.
Additionally the running system for the aluminium system is enclosed and thus completely hidden with in the bottom rail of the door. This allows for the A100 system, specifically the A103 profile , to be used to create beautiful double sided room dividers and pocket doors - to view our room divider solutions - click here

Our A100 aluminium framed sliding doors are constructed by wrapping the glass or wood panel insert with a high quality rubber gasket, this both protects the glass from contact with the aluminium and provides an interface between the panel of the sliding wardrobe doors and the framework.

The door is completed by the fixing of twin wheel guides, to guide the doors within the top track, and the bottom rollers to support the weight of the door and ensure years of smooth effective operation.

We are very proud of our aluminium system and as such all Slideco A100 door systems carry a full 10 year warranty against the failure of the running mechanism or framework deterioration*