Aluminium Sliding Wardrobe Doors or Steel Sliding Wardrobe Doors ?

Our range of framework includes both steel and aluminium profiles.
Our steel profile offers a cost effective solution with a wide range of colour options including wood grain finishes.
 Our aluminium frames are available in four colour choices, offering a superior finish and very tactile profiles. They also allow for dual sided doors to be used as room dividers or pocket doors. With the option of a soft close feature this system really is the top of the range.

S100 Steel profile system

Our steel system is made from rolled steel profiles that have either been curtain painted, or in the case of wood grain options, wrapped in a durable PVC foil.
The profile is rolled in such a way that it grips the panel insert with a spring action.
The bottom rollers and top guides are then screwed to the rear of the door further consolidating the structure.
Steel profiles are widely accepted as the industry standard in the UK due to the flexibility of colour options and quality of the finished product.

A101 / A102 / A103 Aluminium profile system

Our aluminium profiles are closed box section extrusions. They are finished either by anodizing, (a chemical finishing process), in the case of silver and gold, or powder coating in the case of black and white.
The construction of the aluminium door system is considerably different to the steel door system, please ask your retailer for details. The main advantage of the aluminium system is that the bottom roller mechanism is contained within the bottom rail of the door. This allows for dual sided doors in addition to creating a more streamlined look. 
A further advantage to the aluminium system is that due to the composition of the raw product, doors made with this material can be installed in high humidity areas such as bathrooms or kitchens.