Glass Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Slideco retailers offer a stunning selection of glass finishes to include within your new sliding wardrobe door design   

  • Clear, tinted and frosted mirrors
  • Coloured back painted glass in a range of 16 stunning colours
  • Designer Glass- Frosted screen print designs printed on both mirror and painted glass, brilliant cut painted designs 
  • Glassen  - Vinyl backed highly decorative glass in a range of 9 unique organic designs


Slideco sliding mirror doors are manufactured exclusively safety backed silver mirrors. Clear float glass is passed along a mirror silvering line, before being back painted with two coats of protective pain. Finally the safety certified backing is applied to confirm with British standards.

Tinted mirrors are produced by "mirroring" tinted glasses which contin varying quatities of metal oxides to colour them.

Frosted mirror is silver mirror which has been surface treated with etching acid to produce a soft satin finish.

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Coloured Glass

Back painted glass allows for a superb range of vibrant and muted colour options all available on safety backed 4mm glass. The paint is again applied in two coats to ensure a smooth and even finish.

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Designer Glass

Frosted screen print mirrors provide a high design alternative to a clear silver mirror.  By applying an ink to the surface of the glass which is then cured by ultra violet light, sections of the mirror can be made frosted leaveing clear reflective shapes and designs. These mirror work particularly well where retention of light within a room is important however a full length mirror is neither required or desired.

Frosted screen print floral painted glass - available in two spectacular designs chrysanthemum and honeysuckle on both black and pure white glass - this glass works especially well with our Accent range of door designs 

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At the cutting edge of glass technology and design Glassen is a vinyl backed glass product available in nine superb deigns. Intricate organic patterns, including in some instances mettalic elements, are printed onto a vinyl film. This is applied in a "clean room" enviroment then pressure and heat trated. The result is a product and finish perfect for even the most stylish enviroments.

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