Slideco retailers can offer you a variety of bespoke interior options to fit out your new wardrobe, along with useful framing products and storage accessories. We have selected our most popular combinations for different sized spaces to showcase what is possible, however should you require any modifications to these our retailers will be more than happy to oblige.

All our interiors are 18mm thick MFC panel products that have been cut to width and edged to provide a quality finish.

  • Executive Midi
    Midi Bundles are suitable for 2/3 door wardrobes with a maximum width of 2100mm
  • The Classic Midi
    Maxi Bundles are suitable for 3/4 door wardrobes with a maximum width of 3100mm
  • Draw Central
    Maxi Bundles are suitable for 4/5 door wardrobes with a maximum width of 5300mm

Strike Plates
Strike plates are ideal for framing the opening in which you wish to have your new wardrobe installed. Placed against the wall they can be scribed or cut to fit around your skirting boards and provide a straight surface for your doors to close up to. Placed on the floor they provide a solid platform for the bottom track to sit on, whilst allowing your carpet or flooring to but up against it.

End Panels
Should your new wardrobe to be in a position where it is not possible to go from one wall to another the end panel effectively creates the second wall to prevent the doors running off of the track. Simply affixed to the floor and ceiling the panel creates the perfect "end" to your new wardrobe.

Vertical Supports
These provide uprights within your wardrobe onto which you can attach hanging rails or shelving.

Internal Shelf
One major benefit of fitted sliding wardrobes is that they utilize the full height of the room. It is therefore possible to install a high shelf to store all those things you never really look at or need but still insist on keeping! The internal shelf is easily installed wall to wall or wall to end panel.

Shelving Unit
We are pleased to introduce a complete shelving unit with optional drawers featuring a top of the range soft close feature. Really useful in so many ways, the shelving unit can provide a tower of shelving whilst also doubling as a support for a top shelf if required.

Wire Baskets for Shelving Unit
If drawers are not your thing then these perfectly sized chrome wire baskets fit neatly into the shelving unit to provide contained storage space.

Chrome Hanging Rails
Of course no wardrobe would be complete without the essential hanging rail.

We believe these interior options provide you with many ideas to create a custom interior for your wardrobe. To ensure flexibility of design all our interior products are supplied at full length and therefore may require cutting to size to suit your requirements.