Room Partition Sliding Doors

Room partition sliding doors

Dual Sided Room dividers

The perfect way to create a room with in a room.
Make best use of your available space whilst creating flexible living arrangements.
Our dual sided aluminum system allows for a variety of room dividing options from doors that meet each other to doors that slide past each other.
The creation of beautiful dividers has never been easier. The system allows for glass to be placed on “back to back” in the door ensuring an excellent finish from both sides.
It is even possible to have the doors installed into a recess in a wall (pocket doors) to allow for the doors to be stored completely out of sight.
With a variety of track options we are able to accommodate for all eventualities.
Single track is suitable to use for pocket door solutions with one door running on the track and sliding effortlessly into a recess in your wall.
Recessed track allows for the bottom rollers to glide in a thin unobtrusive track on the floor that can be set down into carpet, laminate flooring or even tiles.