Steel Sliding Wardrobe Door System

The S100 steel framed sliding door system

Our steel system is a versatile cost effective sliding door solution. With 10 framework colours to choose from, including some stunning wood grain effects,we are certain there is a steel framed sliding door solution for every design application.

Our steel framing system can be combined with all of our glass and wood panel products to create some truly unique wardrobe designs.

The steel profiles are manufactured using a cold rolling process.

Flat coils of painted or PVC wrapped steel are processed through a rolling mill, which gradually and, to very precise tolerances,forms the shape of the profiles - to view the shape and colours of our steel profile click here

The steel profiles "wrap around" the glass or wood panel insert, thus creating the structural rigidity of the product and also providing anchoring points onto which the running mechanisms can be attached.

All of our steel sliding wardrobe doors are bottom rolling doors and as such the structural strength of the ceiling is not critical as all of the weight is supported by the free running ball bearing wheels at the bottom of the door.

We are very proud of our steel system and as such all Slideco S100 door systems carry a full 10 year warranty against the failure of the running mechanism or framework deterioration*